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Combat Statistics
Your combat statistics can be calculated using the following formulas.  There are three set of numbers for different weapons, so that you can change between weapons on the fly without having to calculate your stats anew each time.
ATTACK = Your strength (if using a sword, axe, lance, or bow), or your magic (if using magic or staves) + your weapon’s Might.
HIT = Your Skill + ½ your Luck, rounded down.
EVADE = Your Speed + ½ your Luck, rounded down.
BATTLE SPD = Your Speed – (Your weapon’s weight – your strength); this can’t be higher than your Speed.
CRIT EVADE = Your Luck
CRIT = Your Skill + any bonuses from skills and weapons
BATTLE DEF = Your Defense + your armor’s bonus
BATTLE RES = Your Resistance + your armor’s bonus

Weapon Levels
Weapon Levels determine which weapons your character can use, ranging from E, the lowest rank, to SS, the highest rank.  The weapon levels are in order from lowest to highest are:  E, D, C, B, A, S, SS.  An E-rank weapon would likely be some lowly rusty piece of junk, where as an SS-rank weapon would be a shining example of smithing with very few peers.  (Meaning that there are only two or three SS rank weapons of one type at any given time, and in fact may be possible that it is impossible for a character to acquire one.)  Characters start with one or more weapons at various levels.  All level 0 characters should start at E rank for all weapons that their class lists, but pre-promoted characters may get higher weapon ranks.  Check your chosen class’ description for exact details on which weapons your character can use and at what rank.

Movement always costs one space unless the unit is trying to move through terrain considered more treacherous than normal.  Forests cost double movement for foot soldiers, and triple for horse-mounted units.  Mountains and rivers cost triple for foot soldiers, and horse-mounted units cannot cross them at all. 
Flying units completely ignore all terrain movement penalties and BattleDEF/EVADE bonuses.  The bonuses for the different terrain types are listed below:
Plains/floor: No bonuses
Forest/Pillars: +2 EVADE, +1 BattleDEF, +1 BattleRES
River: No Bonuses
Mountain: +1 EVADE, +2 BattleDEF, +1 BattleRES
Sea: +3 EVADE
City/House: +1 EVADE, +1 BattleDEF
Temple: +1 EVADE, +3 BattleRES
Armory: +1 EVADE, +3 BattleDEF

Both the attacker and the defender roll a d20.  The attacker adds his roll to his HIT stat, and the defender adds his roll to his EVADE stat.  The higher the result, the better.  If the attacker’s final result is greater than OR equal to the defender’s result, the attacks lands and you calculate damage.
After you hit (or miss), as long as the opponent has a weapon that can hit you at your current range, he will perform a counterattack, which is exactly like a normal attack, but with a fancy name. For example:  A swordsman runs up to an axe wielder, both weapons have a range of 1, so the combatants must be adjacent.  The swordsman moves next to the axe-wielder and attacks.  He hits, the axe-wielder counterattacks, misses, and combat ends.  Now, if an archer had done the same thing as the swordsman, he wouldn’t have been counterattacked at all, since bows have a range of 2.

Critical Hit:
After an attack is declared as successful, unless a skill prohibits a critical hit, you roll 1d100 to determine whether the attack is a critical hit.  Your chance of a critically wounding an enemy is determined by the formula:  (your Skill + any bonuses from skills or weapons you have) – your foe’s luck.  If you get a critical hit, the damage that would be dealt by this attack is tripled.  This does not mean you triple your ATTACK stat, it means that after you calculate damage, a critical hit will deal three times what that result is.  All multiplying of damage is done in this way. 

Double Attack:
If one combatant has four or more BattleSPd over the other, he/she will get a second attack.  This second attack is always at the end of combat, so if you attack first, the foe will attack next, than you attack again if your BattleSpd>= to your foe’s.  These do not stack, so if you have 8 or more BattleSpd, you do NOT get 2 extra attacks.

Weapon Triangle:
Lances beat Swords,
Swords beat Axes,
Axes beat Lances,
Bows are unaffected.

The combatant with the advantage gets +2 HIT, +2 EVADE, and +1 Attack.

List of Skills:
To be added

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